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IWentPro a
IWentPro @ Flyverse
posted Jan 4, 18

Hello Community,

I’m proud to announce Flyverse’ come back, starting with our beta release we’re letting players play the server while we work on bringing you a premium Factions experience. The server is fully functional and any and all player are welcome to join and play.

What do we have so far?

KoTH: A Faction vs Faction game where one Faction claims the KoTH for a prize.

Envoy: A PvP based game where lootcrates are spawned.

Crop Hoppers: Upgraded hoppers that automatically succ in crops in the same chunk.

Spawner Tiers: Upgrade your spawners to raise spawn rates and gain more loot!

- Pro

_Sliby I luv this server bcs its always online and there are 24/7 players online and staff is also always online so if you need...
NotDemoYT I love this server i think its never boring and the votes do give A LOT! So i would recommend to vote!
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